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Ai text software are still at an early stage in development but we can already see huge improvements of the Ai tools that are available to us out there. The area where it is at the most advanced stage at the moment is perhaps customer service where ai is being used in the shape of chatbots. But Ai also has its place in areas that you normally associate closer with marketing such as copywriting and ads.

Ai text generators have become hyped by bloggers and marketers looking to build websites with less hassle and at a lower cost than hiring a copywriter. However Ai tools are not only a threat to copywriters, they can also be of great help for writers as shown by Rytr, and SurferSEO. In fact, writing assistants like these could very well be your new best friends as a copywriter or digital marketer.

There are also less sexy products that use Ai technology to operate that we today take for granted. Content moderation tools and Ai text completion tools are examples of two such products. Content moderation tools – like for example Grammarly – are of huge help when it comes to improve the quality of your copy. And if you have not started using that auto completion function when writing those standars phrases in your emails yet you are really missing out!

At AiTextLab we are a collective of modern marketers and copywriting enthusiasts that have come together to identify what Ai tool that fits which situation. Wether you are a copywriter, content manger, SEO, or a marketing manager this space is for you.